EnviroMatrix Analytical, Inc. (EMA) is committed to being an industry leader in providing environmental testing services. Being an industry leader demands providing responsive, quality services tailored to individual client needs.

The Mission of EMA is to provide high quality, technically sound data in accordance with all federal, local and state regulatory requirements. We work diligently to serve our customers and achieve high customer satisfaction and loyalty. Our revenues are overwhelmingly based upon repeat and referral business. Therefore, providing high quality analytical data involves not only a sound technical approach but also a deep commitment to ongoing communication and service to our clients.

Our people are our most valuable asset. The company is successful because of its employees. We select and hire people who meet high standards and are committed to values, ethics, and service. We believe our employees should continually grow and improve. Toward that end we encourage and support continued education. It is imperative that our people are committed to a high standard of professional ethics and actions. We conduct ongoing ethics training to reinforce the "EMA Professional Ethics Policy".

We feel strongly that all employees shall conduct activities in a safe work environment. It is management's responsibility to provide all safety equipment and protection to its employees. Safety training is conducted frequently and safety audits are routine to ensure a safe work environment for everyone at EMA.

Quality is the cornerstone of our company. Management is committed to the production of a high quality work product. To foster continued improvement, on-going work-groups and quality assurance training is conducted in addition to routine quality audits of systems and procedures.

EMA is committed to providing our clients with reliable, accurate, and prompt analyses. We are dedicated to providing services and data that meet or exceed all industry and regulatory standards. The services we provide are essential for private, state and federal environmental monitoring, assessment, and restoration projects. We are proud to do our part for the environment. To achieve our mission requires the dedication of all employees and associates of EMA.